Bulvar Loft

We have successfully completed various infrastructure projects in Turkey since 1976. Operating in the industrial fields such as airports, marine transportation, water distribution, energy and real estate, etc., we have achieved power at both national and international levels.

We have kept all our promises that we have given at İncek Loft which we started in 2014 and delivered in 2016. The owners of the flats settled in their new houses and doubled their investments in a short period of two years. Now, here we come with another project guaranteed by Akfen İnşaat and İlbank, which will become the brand-new meeting point of Ankara.

Bulvar Loft will become the new phenomenon of Ankara with its architecture, social facilities and location. We are again continuing to make you win with this project.

At Bulvar Loft, you will use your house with pleasure with every square meter of it planned in the most effective manner and it will also add time to your life with its location where you can access without getting caught in traffic.

We are offering you not only a house, but also a new life and a profitable investment opportunity. We invite everybody to benefit from this golden opportunity.