Bulvar Loft

Bulvar LOFT has an important location on the axis of connection between İncek Boulevard and Çayyolu settlement where there is a dense housing pattern in the western region of Ankara. With mixed usages, the housing settlement features development of an urban sub-center at İncek.

Bulvar LOFT is located close to the university campuses, TED and other schools and its prevailing landscape is diversified towards the axis of the region of universities, Çayyolu, Çankaya, İncek, Eymir, Mogan, and Gölbaşı.

The housing settlement is accessible from two separate roads. One of them is the main access road coming from Çayyolu area; and the other is İncek Boulevard connecting to the city center. The entrances of the building complex have been arranged considering access alternatives.

In the settlement layout, the houses and commercial places have been designed around the public areas. This urban living environment that will become a new meeting place for the people of Ankara incorporates various functions that will allow them to enjoy moments of pleasure. LOFT, the section housing the units such as cafeterias, stores, food market, confectionery, pharmacy, tailor, dry cleaning and hairdresser, etc., is opening out onto the yard.

The houses designed as vertical blocks within the linear structure of the project area have been addressed within the urban fabric diversity. Flat types of different size have been developed by diversifying plan typologies.

The social center that is easily accessible from the housing blocks incorporates sports and entertainment areas and facilities. The social center is connected to the specially designed landscaping areas.

At İncek, a housing settlement of a size that can support social life has been designed; thus aiming to provide both a peaceful living atmosphere and neighbourhood for the homeowners at Bulvar LOFT.